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Moving from the vicious to the virtuous spiral

Many commercial and public organizations are caught in a negative bureaucracy spiral. They have numerous points of interpretation, decision making, transfer, translation and evaluation in which the meaning of regulatory and business requirements is lost or becomes eroded. Dependencies are overlooked and anomalies surfaced only after high-risk decisions have been taken. The result is a vicious spiral of frustration and demotivation, stakeholder irritation and considerable financial loss.

Documentation 3.0

Instruction manuals, users guides, and other types of documentation have always been the way manufacturers distributed the how-to information about their products to customers, as well as sales and support staff and other employees.  This kind of catch-all, one-size document forces every user to sift through irrelevant information, applying their own context to find solutions to their problems. Even when they are successful, users remember the experience as painful and tedious.