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Systems of denial in policy making

The concept of systems of denial was introduced in a paper by Andrew Hill and Stephen Gerras about strategic resistance to military innovation. They explored how successful organizations focus organizational energy and attention on refining their dominant theories of competition, often resulting in dysfunctional organizational responses, or systems of denial, to strategic anomalies - inconvenient information - that contradict assumptions.

The behavior patterns of these systems apply not only to successful armies, but also to e.g. IT-departments, businesses and the public sector.

Managing Model-Driven Applications

When implementing a new business application, most organizations feel they need to choose between “build” versus “buy”. Building your own application means everything is possible, but building complex applications is a risky venture. Buying a standard application provides all the advantages of pre-configuration, but has limited flexibility. Although most organizations prefer standard applications, they end up adapting them, leading to high cost of ownership, and long change cycles.

However, a third approach has emerged, reconciling the differences between build and buy. Model-driven applications come with an out-of-the-box configuration, as would be expected of a packaged business application, yet it can be adapted without development effort.