Blueprint for an iBPMS Competence Center

In this book offer Thei Geurts and Theo Tan a blueprint and roll out model for establishing an iBPMS competence center.

The authors present strategic, tactical and operational viewpoints and provide practical insights based on lessons learned. Organizations in the public and private sector face a shift to a new digital enterprise operating model. They choose to implement an intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) to innovate and transform their business process. Implementing an iBPMS is a tough challenge, especially in knowledge intensive and highly regulated sectors. However, it also brings the best and most sustainable benefits. Establishing an iBPMS competence center is a means to ease and facilitate the transition path and to absorb the change that a new way of working and new technology brings. The iBPMS competence center supports the implementation and use of software applications and solutions that are built on the products of an intelligent Business Process Management Suite.

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Published in 2014.

The paperback book can be ordered here.