Improve Product and Brand engagement through smart documentation

For most product manufacturers, delivering adequate documentation is a constant challenge. The increasing complexity of products and the stricter regulations for product documentation often lead to extensive documentation sets with 500+ pages manuals on-line or in print. The question is: how effective is all this documentation? 

Users can be overwhelmed by long, jargon-loaded user manuals, and frustrated by a lack of clear answers. When customers don’t find a solution, blame inevitably falls on the product and the company. Bad documentation - incomplete, unclear, out of date - creates a negative engagement with products and brands.

Using semantic technology, we can create the smart documentation that guides each customer through the actions, decisions, and choices they can take to maximize their user experience. Semantic technology encodes meaning and separates it from content and application codes.

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Authored by Kees van Mansom. Contributing authors: Mills Davis, Thei Geurts, Dick van Mersbergen, Jan Verbeek. 

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