Innovation by putting purpose into practice

Policies expressed in legislation are the basis upon which public services are built. Therefore one would expect that legislation and innovative use of legislation is a key element in eGovernment initiatives. However, it almost seems that policies and their expressions in legislation live in a parallel universe of the eGovernment universe.

eGovernment initiatives usually don’t make a direct connection between purpose (intended effect) and practice (operations and outcome). This affects the overall ability of governments to execute policies and the sustainability of eGovernment initiatives. We conclude that innovation by putting purpose into practice is a game changing Megatrend, a trend that has already started, as research and case studies proof. The ‘alternative’ for not engaging in this trend is unacceptable long cycle times, eroded agility, affected governance and compliance, high costs which are multiplied by doing the same in multiple places, evitable administrative burdens and red tape, decreased productivity gains of rare resources, and various forms of sub-optimization. Putting purpose into practice by synthesizing policy making and policy execution yields considerable economic and social benefits, as initiatives in The Netherlands proof.

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Published in 2012.