Playing Jazz in the GRC Club; the "Future Perfect" of Governance, Risk & Compliance

In this book John Coyne and Thei Geurts present a Governance, Risk and Compliance value proposition and value architecture that marks the difference between the old way of supporting knowledge intensive processes in heavily regulated industries and the new way of surviving and being successful in a volatile and uncertain future.

The authors explain why organizations have to play jazz when addressing the topic of transformation and how to realize the living together of ‘the old and the new’. They also address the business case for embarking on the transformation journey.
The book also focuses on aspects like real time regulatory oversight, governance as a service and a changing relation toward regulators. It describes the innovative semantic or concept computing technology that is about to cause a real paradigm shift in the world of heavily regulated industries.
The authors describe an actionable framework and the underlying principles that allow to break the vicious spiral in which organizations are caught. The result is an GRC-intelligence position in which you and your engaged workforce are able to face the pace of regulatory change, smash bottom line costs, increase top line revenue and profitability and – most important – restore trust. And your compliance issues? They will be over, because you are compliant by design.

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Published in 2013.