Public Policy Making - The 21st Century Perspective

Public policy making can be characterized as a complex, dynamic, constantly evolving interactive and adaptive system.

The process is stakeholder-driven. Actors are engaged in a goal-driven decision-making process and have a great deal of autonomy in the way they organize their work.
The process has two dimensions: a political dimension and a production dimension. Policy makers need an infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with regulation-specific sources and services. This infrastructure should be designed for people and built for change. New technologies promise to support the policy making process in a revolutionary way.
The implementation of the full combination of case management, dynamic rules support and knowledge support will create a very powerful combination that supports policy makers and brings government closer to citizens. It will also enable seamless integration of policy making with policy execution and in that way create the basis for 
the innovation of public sector services.

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Published in 2011.